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Dubles/Dwojaki is the next installment of the Folk Story toys. This is a game for children and adults that will thrill all fans of competition, regardless of age. In addition, it is extremely simple, its rules can be summarized in one sentence.

First come first served!

By playing Dwojaki, you train your sharpness, alertness and speed. A few games and you'll be lightning fast and observant like your mom when stealthily eating sweets.

What's going on here, what's it all about?

Doubles/ Dwojaki can be played in several ways. In the manual included in the box you will find the two most popular ones. The most famous one is that we put a pile of cards face up in the middle. Each player receives one of the cards and places them face down in front of them. At the word "Hey", each player reveals his card. The first person to find the same picture on their card and the card on top of the pile wins.

Dwojaki is also a great way to learn the folk dialect and customs. Each of the pictures refers to Polish folklore, the extensive legend on the back of the manual explains that no violin, only gusle, and the girl in bl