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PUZZLE - KRAKOW VILLAGE - 30 ELEMENTS, Puzzle - Krakow village Let's stop for a moment in a village near Krakow. Puzzles - the village of Krakow present the charms of a traditional village near Krakow - its beautiful folk costumes and everyday life of its inhabitants. In a Krakow village live Jadzia and Kazio, who wear Krakow costumes. While Kazio takes care of his horses, Jadzia creates Cracovian cribs. Together they bake obwarzanki, a traditional Krakow delicacy. Looking out the window, they admire the Kościuszko Mound and the picturesque landscapes of Lesser Poland. To see the idyllic picture of the Krakow countryside, you need to put together 30 pieces of the puzzle. By arranging the puzzle - Cracow Village, the child learns about the symbols and customs associated with a given region of Poland. In addition, the puzzles are packed in a box decorated with stories, trivia and songs. Puzzle - Cracow Village: An idea for a folk gift for every child They teach about folklore/tradition A developing job They practice perceptiveness They take the child on a journey through the most beautiful corners of Poland They present Krakow customs and folk costumes in an accessible way After laying, it can be used as a picture Fun for the whole family In the FOLK STORY series you will also find: Puzzle - Kashubian village Puzzle - highlander village Puzzle - the village of Łowicz folklore book Twofold Kashubian dominoes Dominoes from Lowicz Łowicz crayons Memos - educational game



Made in Poland

Pattern: Krakow village

Intended for children over 3 years of age

Composition: 30 elements

Material: canvas paper

After arranging the picture with dimensions: 22.5 cm (length) x 16 cm (height)

Packed in a box with dimensions: 21cm x 14cm x 4cm

Box packed in foil

Designed by Folkstar in Łowicz



Puzzle - wioska krakowska  

Zatrzymajmy się na chwilę w wiosce pod Krakowem. Puzzle - wioska krakowska prezentują uroki tradycyjnej podkrakowskiej wioski – jej piękne ludowe stroje i codzienne życie miesz